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Debt Talk: Mental health & debt (May 2023)

  In this episode on the Debt Talk podcast, Ripon Ray explored the link between mental health and debt and how being in debt can worsen your mental health. Minara Meghna Uddin shared her experience of domestic and economic abuse, which impacted her mental health where seeking to go for support and speaking out was not an option. Whilst coming out of her marriage with children to look after and the anxiety of getting letters from debt collectors and visits from bailiffs. After having made several visits by a bailiff, he encouraged her to represent herself to go to court to deal with her debts. Dr Thomas Richardson from the University of Southampton, spoke about how he lives with bipolar disorder. In his research work as an academic, he explored developing work for communities struggling with mental health and debt. He highlighted different types of mental health treatment available and how poverty makes it hard to overcome some of the strains in life. Steven Coppard FCICM of Arum s
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Art work of Debt Talk podcast

A piece of 'art' in the form of a collage from me with memories and the evolution of my media work - two years of radio hosting to podcasting. Initially, my shows were funded by  MoneyHelper  (Money Advice and Pension Service) and Toynbee Hall, supported by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and then by Money A+E and City  Hackney Carers Centre . Not bad indeed. After all, I am from near Shoreditch, once and still is a ghetto of the East End of London. 🙂

Debt News (May 2023)

(May 2023) Monthly Debt News looks at debts and the causes of debts in Britain from a variety of sources selected for professionals to make the debt sector simple. This month’s Debt News includes DWP overpayment mistakes - the cost of living bites - homeowners trapped in high interest - opposition leader renegades on student fees - household time bomb - ethnicity and car high car insurance premiums - bite-size stats. ---------------- The DWP is chasing the poorest for millions of pounds of its own mistakes - but one mum fought back (ITV X) A single mum of two disabled children has fought back against the government after it tried to force her to pay more than £8,000 in benefits debt over its own mistakes. More here: link ---------------- Belfast food bank adds evening opening as cost-of-living crisis bites. A food bank in Belfast has described the pressure it faces as a "tidal wave approaching". More here: Link   ---------------- The people trapped paying 8% inte

Do you know the difference between a debt collector and bailiff? A public meeting by Positive Money (Zoom or in person)

Do you know the difference between a debt collector and a bailiff? Are Debt Collectors or Bailiffs out of control? Are you affected by them? Do you want to know your rights or the rights of the recovery agents? There is a new crisis - the DEBT - according to Positive Money. The cost of living and considerable increases in heating and electricity costs have driven low-income people into further debt. Are Debt Collectors or Bailiffs out of control? Are you affected? These are genuine questions to explore... Wednesday 10 May 2023 - 7pm-9pm (All Welcome). Come and tell me and share your views and experiences. Positive Money Tower Hamlets & Hackney ( is a local community group supporting the national campaign group.  Positive Money is a non-profit, and not politically aligned. MINERVA COMMUNITY CENTRE,  10 Minerva Street TOWER HAMLETS (Entrance from Treadway Street side) Wednesday 10 May 2 023 7pm-9pm   This event is brought to you by Positive Money and supported by Tow

Debt Talk: Debt advice, MaPS and advisers (April 2023)

In this month’s episode on the Debt Talk podcast, Ripon Ray explored: ‘ Debt advice, MaPS and advisers’ . During the pandemic, free debt advice charities noticed a demand for debt advice. This demand had substantially increased during the cost of living crisis due to high inflation and people’s income not increasing simultaneously. Many debt advisors left the sector in droves to join other sectors, such as the National Health Service or local council. Their move from the industry was mainly connected to high-stress levels, targets and heavy audits. Save Debt Advice Campaign was launched to respond to the impact in the debt advice sector. Tanis Belsham Wray , a former debt adviser shared her experience at Step Change during the pandemic high volumes of cases were unresolvable due to clients having a deficit budget and complex priority debt related. After returning from maternity. she fainted twice due to stress whilst giving advice. Tamra Mannin - Co - CEO of Talking Money, an advice

Debt collectors or bailiffs? A reflection during the cost of living crisis...

Debt collectors or bailiffs? What is the current landscape of debt recovery in England today? Winter 2022-23 has been one of the most controversial periods due to agents of British Gas forcefully putting prepayment meters in many vulnerable households amidst the cost of living crisis. It was a scandal that spotlighted fuel suppliers, their agents and their malpractice. At the exact time, inflation remains high, wages are low and state support systems for vulnerable communities have dwindled for over a decade.   In Spring 2023,   local councils raise council tax on average by 5%. For those deemed too poor to pay council tax,   once welfare reform was introduced post-financial crisis,   local and central governments aggressively searched for revenue from low-income households once their budgets had been reduced. Recovery agents are enormous for the private and public sectors searching for revenue. Many debt recoveries are being carried out by private companies. Yet, debt recovery still n

Monthly Debt News (April 2023)

  (April 2023) Monthly Debt News looks at debts and the causes of debts in Britain from various sources selected for professionals to make the debt sector simple. This month’s Debt News includes a rise in broadband, mobile phone and council tax costs- FCA’s support guidance for existing mortgage borrowers - Ofgem call evidence on prepayment meters - Citizens Advice on bailiff research - CIVEA responds to Citizens Advice research - Bitesize stats - mortgage borrowing reduced - company insolvencies increase - breathing space increase - gas and electricity arrears increased by double. ---------------- Broadband, mobile bills and council tax rises threaten ‘awful April’ for householders already facing a cost of living crisis Households battling the cost of living crisis are facing an onslaught of price hikes that could leave the average family hundreds of pounds a year worse off. From April 1, millions will face increases to their broadband, mobile, water and council tax bills. More here: