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A debt free path for a mental health sufferer

It’s a well-known fact that individuals who suffer from a hampered mental capacity - be it mental health or learning difficulties - are most likely to be vulnerable in our communities. They are also more likely to be victims of miss-sold products and services by companies, even though organisations that are providing financial products and services have a duty under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to take extra care towards these individuals. This is what the FCA has to say about vulnerable customers: ‘  The vulnerability of the customer, in particular where the firm understands the customer has some form of mental capacity limitation or reasonably suspects this to be so because the customer displays indications of some form of mental capacity limitation  (see  ■  CONC 2.10) But due to a culture of intensive selling to consumers, generated by employers placing and enforcing - often difficult and unrealistic - performance goals which are attached to tempting

Universal Credit Workshop with English for Action

Ripon Ray delivered a workshop on universal credit to ESOL students organised by English for Action.  It was wonderful to see more than 25 students  enjoyed learning about their rights in claiming benefits and, at the same time, develop English vocabulary. From this workshop the idea is to share their knowledge to wider members of their local community. If you want to find out more about running a workshop in your locality,  check the YouTube below and get in touch with Ripon.  YouTube Link of the workshop:  ' Ripon designed a two-hour participatory workshop on Universal Credit for English for Action, attended by around 30 ESOL students! It was really engaging throughout, with a complicated subject clearly laid out in a presentation which included videos for variety. He designed breakout activities for people to pool their knowledge and test their understanding. Students felt comfortable in asking their questions and were really happy to have attended. Looking forward to working wi

Tax on self-employed - a detriment to Tower Hamlets residents

On 1 April 2017,  Tower Hamlets Council introduced a policy that removed full Council Tax Reduction Scheme from its self-employed residents. The policy change to begin charge council tax to the self-employed was approved by the council’s Cabinet and the Mayor, John Biggs,  on 10 January 2017.  Those who are hardest hit by the measure are mostly mini-cab drivers who are managing their living from hire purchase agreements on their cars in order to facilitate their self-employment status. They are usually working from local mini cab offices and complying with tough terms and conditions, for example, Uber's rating conditions in which they are forced to keep above 4.5 star ratings from their customers in order to remain in trade with the company; otherwise they are barred from  being on the list of its self-employed drivers.  When Community Money Matters spoke to a number of Bengali cab drivers on Bethnal Green Road, this is what they said: 'We are not sure what are