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Prof Atsushi Fujii,  Rikkyo University, Japan (13/09/2023)

'Thanks a lot for Ripon's great lecture yesterday. We are not familiar with debt problems in the UK. So at first, I imagined it was very difficult to understand and complicated debt problems combined with many factors. But Ripon was a great facilitator. He talked slowly and involved all the participants, making it very easy to understand what debt is, especially bad debt. Through his lecture, we could understand the real situation of local communities' cost of living crisis. And his fantastic character fascinated all students and me.' 

Jaye Munro, (Debt) Technical Supervisor at Debt Free Advice (13/12/ 2022)

‘When I joined Debt Free Advice, I was very excited when I found out that Ripon was my manager. He is very knowledgeable, supportive and gave me the confidence to trust my intuition when faced with challenges. He has an open-door approach which enables his staff to flourish as he is always available to support his team. He encourages team building which made my transition into my new comfortable and enjoyable. He encourages his team to share ideas amongst each other, to support each other and for relationships to build.

His coaching management style has proven to be successful as most individuals that he has line managed have gone into management roles! His feedback is constructive and focuses on improvement. He has helped me to improve the way I work, build confidence and has inspired me to think about how to expand my skills.’ 

Rosie Lyon FRSA - Winner of Banker of the Year Worldwide 2021  (15/09/ 2022)

‘Really enjoyed being on Ripon's podcast. He is very professional and is there if you have any questions. I cannot wait to work with him again!’ 

James Jones, Head of Consumer Affairs, Experian Ltd  (10/06/2021)

‘I’ve worked with Ripon on several occasions, including on national radio, in industry forums, and in a local community setting where he co-ordinates the delivery of debt advice in East London. Ripon approaches his work with integrity, thoughtfulness, and care, and he clearly has a deep passion for helping people and communities, particularly the most vulnerable. Ripon’s knowledge, capabilities, and wealth of experience all shine through his work. His professionalism and collaborative approach to getting the job done combine to ensure that working with him is frequently an enjoyable and rewarding experience.’

Kate Levestam Research Consultant at Accenture UK (21/05/ 2021)

‘I worked with Ripon on a short project with a UK-based Utilities company, helping to increase engagement with ethnic minorities. The brief was to test promotion methods for improving awareness and registrations to the Priority Services Register amongst customers in vulnerable circumstances. Ripon was able to advise our team at Accenture on how we can best engage with ethnic minorities. His creativity, passion enabled our client to reach ethnic minority customers in a way they would have not been able to achieve without him. He brought new ideas and fresh ways of thinking that were a great asset to the project. Thank you Ripon for all your hard work!’

Rheian Davies, Winner of Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year, and Covid-19 Nurse at Nightingale Hospital (20/04/2020)

'Thank you Ripon for speaking at Ealing Covid 19 Mutual aid group on Universal credit.  I had no idea how complex the regime is and now understand how some of my clients have fallen through the gaps and ended up without money or support.  Despite the direness of the subject Ripon explained very clearly and with good humour. We'll ask you back again!' 

Stuart Goodman, London Money Advice Group  Co-ordinator(30/01/2020)

“The launch of UCAN (the Universal Credit Action Network) by money adviser Ripon Ray, provides a useful forum for poverty activists.  Ripon’s friendly and interactive presentations cut through the complexities of Universal Credit. You can learn a lot from UCAN.  

Emily Fiddy Communications Officer - Trust for London (30/10/2019)

“Ripon came to the Trust for London offices to provide us with a valuable learning seminar full of the latest updates on topics such as Universal Credit, welfare reform, council tax reduction and more. All of the team found it helpful and illuminating to support our work as an independent charitable foundation tackling poverty and inequality across London, and we’re grateful to Ripon for sharing his knowledge.” 

Cordelia Wise, Manager of Enterprise and Employment, St Martin-In-the-Field, homelessness charity  (15/09/2019)

'Despite being an essential life skill, Money Management is always a difficult sell to our homeless clients, as it's a rather dry topic. Ripon, however, makes it accessible and even entertaining.  He is a rare hybrid of engaging and accomplished trainer AND subject matter expert on all things money – just what we needed!’

J. P. Agrawal, Chair of the Community Hub - Haringey (London) (20/05/2019)

'You are very confident and you know your subject well. You would promptly answer the question put to you – switching from question to another effortlessly.'  

Pat Quigley MBE, Head of the Garden School  (23/03/2019)

‘Thank you for coming to the Garden School to run a session to inform our parents about the Universal Credit. Parents were able to ask questions and get a much better understanding of how the  benefit may impact their family’

 Shenagh Govan, Chair of North & East London Equity, Actors Union (15/03/2019)

‘Huge thank you Ripon for sharing your knowledge, insight and passion on the impact of Universal Credit’ 

Lisa Taylor Carers Coordination Service Manager, Hackney Carers Centre  (22/11/2018)

‘Thank you so much for coming along, the ‘money’ workshops were by far the most popular, that was you and ‘Direct Payments’



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